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"Football pundit Alan Smith had his own "there's no chance of a Hurricane tonight" moment when he announced  "You'll never win anything with kids" about the Manchester United squad of 2002. We all know what happened next. There's a misconception that the majority of young people are not committed to anything other than their mobile phones, that they are by and large, obsessed with winning the X factor.  

Maybe we just got lucky with the youngsters we employ

I like to think we are more of an academy for training very switched on young people who understand the concept of keeping the customer satisfied as much as Adrian and myself do. I don't think we can lay claim to the fact that our training appears to have led to a very high success rate with staff, but it's nice to know that even once a member of our kids has gone to UNI (the usual next step for our team) our Customers still ask after them, and are delighted to see them when they come back to help out during the holidays.

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The Stanhope Arms

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Tel: 01959 561970

...."Maybe we've just been consistently lucky with the youngsters we employ or we are actually more of an academy for training very bright, switched on young people who understand the concept of keeping the Customer satisfied as much as Adrian and myself do...."

Stanhope Arms Landlady and Mary Poppins

to the kids, Sarah White



"Adrian and myself are on a mission to prove that everything you think about a team of young people not being capable of delivering a

fantastic, highly efficient customer experience when serving food and drink is a misconception, and that the service you'll encounter here

at The Stanhope Arms will leave you pleasantly surprised..." Sarah - The Landlady, has spoken..

...."It was the first time in about four years we'd been back to this pub to eat, vowing never to go back as it was absolutely terrible. Then we heard the pub had changed owners. We were delighted to be welcomed by new people, Adrian and Sarah, and see such a huge difference in the place. We were looked after by a team of young people, who were an absolute breath of fresh air. They looked after us and our friends all evening, suggested which special we might enjoy, and only appeared every now and then to see if everything was ok. I certainly won't leave it another four years before coming back. The service and the food were excellent!"




So, It's local common knowledge that we have a special blend of people here at the Stanhope, and even though Joe, Liam and a few others have officially left, we still consider them part of the Stanhope Arms family. Why not come and meet the latest family and put a person to the cartoon!"

Sarah and Adrian - Proprietors of much revered Stanhope Arms, Brasted.

...."the team of youngsters who served us were excellent...very attentive,and didn't flap when one of our group spilt wine down themselves, but dealt with it quickly and without any fuss.

The service compliments the superb food here..."


Otford, Kent



.."I'm one of two sisters yknow..."

Sarah and Ade. Scouting for Britain's Got Talent next?